We understand that things happen and that you may sometimes claim a shop that you can't complete.  In general, it's up to you to only claim shops that you can complete within the assigned time.  That means (among other things) that if you won't be able to get to the location and complete the shop within the assigned time, or that if the location won't open for another ten hours, you shouldn't claim a shop that has an eight-hour time limit.  We don't penalize shoppers who fail to complete one or two shops, but if you do this often (or with a large number of shops), it can affect your reliability rating, so please try to avoid it.

If you have claimed a shop that you know you can't complete, you can help us (and your reliability rating) by manually abandoning the shop.  This allows the shop to go back onto the map immediately, where it can be claimed by another shopper (rather than keeping the shop locked until the time limit expires).  To manually abandon a shop, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Presto map (http://prestomap.com) and click the menu button. If you're not logged onto your shopper account, you'll need to log in.
  2. Find the shop in the list of Incomplete Evaluations and click Continue Evaluation.

  3. Click the Green Man icon in the upper right hand corner.

  4. Click Delete Evaluation.  The shop will be manually abandoned and will be available to other shoppers.