It is important you read the below-mentioned points and follow them for a successful audit.

If you still have questions about how to conduct this shop AFTER reading this guide, please contact

ALL shops must be done the same day!  There is a TWELVE HOUR TIME LIMIT from when you claim the shop to when you must submit your report - no exceptions!


Confidential Consumer, an industry-leading mystery shopping company, has partnered with a global developer on a year-long project to test and discover any usability issues related to a website that is currently in development and not currently available to the general public.  This website is designed to allow the user to find local restaurants to order from, and then order for delivery or takeout through one of the following partners: Slice, LevelUp,, and EatStreet.  In essence, the website is designed to aggregate various delivery/takeout services available into one, easy to use mobile-friendly website.

Project Highlights:

  • These assignments will be available in your area on a daily basis, 7 days a week.
  • You are testing the food ordering website.  You are not evaluating the restaurant or the delivery service.  
  • Each shopper evaluating DELIVERY will be paid a $5 shop fee and will be reimbursed up to $20 of their purchase, inclusive of delivery charge and tip.
  • Each shopper evaluating TAKEOUT will be paid a $5 shop fee and will be reimbursed up to $15 of their purchase.
  • Each shopper will be paid $5, even if an order cannot be placed due to a technical issue with the food ordering website.
  • Each shopper is eligible to perform up to 4 of these assignments per month – 1 per partner (Slice, LevelUp,, and EatStreet)
  • In order to gain access to the food ordering website, you will need to be logged into a newly created and registered Gmail account.
  • In order to complete each evaluation, you will be asked to capture multiple screenshots on your mobile device.
  • Prior to engaging with the food ordering website, you will need to fully understand how to capture screenshots on your specific device.
  • For more information on capturing screenshots, click here.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this food ordering website is in the beta version for testing, hence any kind of a technical glitch/error you face needs to be captured with a Screen Shot and shared with us, as this will help in further developing the product.  For this reason, you are instructed to capture screenshots many times along the way on your mobile device so that you will have the appropriate images when you fill out the survey.  Prior to engaging with the food ordering website, you should fully understand how to capture screenshots on your specific device.

How to Claim (Self-Assign) a Food Ordering Shop

  • All shops are available on the Presto map ( or in the Presto Insta-Shopper app).  If you have never completed a Presto Insta-Shop before, read our Guided Tour of an Insta-Shop to familiarize yourself with the process for claiming (self-assigning) and completing Presto Insta-Shops.  
  • It is mandatory to create and use a new Gmail account to conduct this audit.  Your Presto Insta-Shopper account can use any email you want, but you will need a new Gmail account to login to your account on the food ordering website.  This is critical - you will not be able to access the website without this. 
  • All shoppers must prequalify for this shop.  To prequalify, just follow the instructions on the map pin.  
  • The link for claiming your shop and ordering your food will be provided once your newly created Gmail id is registered (i.e. Verified).  You will receive an email (in the new account) once this has been done with the link to access the food ordering website.  
  • Shops must be completed and the report submitted the same day that you claim the shop.  Don't claim a shop if you plan to fill it out in a day or two - your shop will expire and be marked as abandoned.  We have a daily quota of shops to fill, so there are NO extensions and NO do-overs (but you can try again tomorrow).
  • Shops must be performed between 10 AM Eastern/7 AM Pacific and 1 AM Eastern/10 PM Pacific.  You can CLAIM your shops as soon as you see them on the map, but you must perform the shop between the stated hours.
  • You have 12 hours to complete the shop AND submit the report from the time you claim it (or the start time noted above, if you claimed it earlier).  NO extensions!
  • When claiming the shop, carefully note the type of audit (takeout or delivery) and the service (Slice, LevelUp,, or EatStreet).  You must specify the SAME service in the food ordering app!  If you select a Slice shop in Presto, you MUST select Slice as the service in the food ordering app.  Failure to do so will lead to your shop being rejected.
  • When claiming a delivery shop, ensure that the location of your mobile device is set to where you wish your order to be delivered.

Shop Instructions

  • You MUST use the  food ordering website to place your order (link to the website will be emailed to you after you've registered).  DO NOT place your order through any  apps or through the service or restaurant directly.
    • Tip: In order to not get a 404 error upon clicking the link, you have to be logged in only on your newly created account. If you are also logged into other Gmail accounts, those will take precedence and the site will only recognize your other accounts as not whitelisted.
  • Zip codes: when ordering from the website/food-ordering app, use the SAME zipcode as the pin that you selected (and of course, the same provider and service).  For example, if you selected a pin labeled Delivery 12345, that means you want to do a delivery shop from restaurants in/near zip code 12345, using the service.  When you use the app you should:
    • Enter zipcode 12345 to search for restaurants
    • Filter by provider and
    • Select Delivery as your option (not Takeout)

Any restaurant that you find with these search criteria is acceptable, as long as the restaurant delivers to your address OR you plan to go to the restaurant for takeout.  

  • Mandatory: obtain and upload a screenshot of ALL the following:
    • Any/all technical error(s) that inhibit your ability to place an order.
    • The checkout page (PRIOR TO TAPPING PLACE ORDER) found by clicking the cart icon.
    • The confirmation page, which is shown immediately after placing your order.
    • All emails you receive, which may be any or all of the following (Keep in mind that these could come from Google, any of the four partners (Levelup/Slice/ /EatStreet), or the restaurant itself:
      • Order card
      • Order is created
      • Order Confirmation
      • Order is cancelled
      • Order is rejected
      • Promotional
      • Customer satisfaction'

IMPORTANT:  If you fail to submit the Mandatory Screenshots required as mentioned as above, your audit will not be considered successful and your shop will NOT be approved!

  • If you experience issues after placing your Delivery order (such as the quality of your food or even the packaging) please highlight this in your report. 

  • Make note of any gap between estimated delivery time and the actual delivery time!

  • If you are unable to place an order due to technical issues, you will still be paid $5. You will be reimbursed up to $20 for delivery orders and up to $15 for takeout orders subject to successful order placement and submission of valid screenshots as mentioned above.

Using the food ordering website

Remember to get screenshots of:

  • ANY error messages 
  • The checkout page
  • The confirmation page
  • ALL emails from partners, the restaurant or Google

The food ordering website is available using the link you were given in the registration instructions.  When you access the website, enter your delivery address.  You will see a selection of nearby restaurants.  Select Delivery or Takeout at the top of the screen, and select a restaurant from the list:

Select the service that you are using for this shop (EatStreet, or Slice for delivery shops; EatStreet,, Slice or LevelUp for takeout shops):

Select an item that you wish to order from the menu:

Select the options that you want for your food item:

When you are done ordering, click the cart icon at the top of the page to view your cart.   

Click Checkout when you are done to go to the payment page.  If this is a delivery shop, select your delivery time option. Remember, you need to get a screen capture of this page BEFORE placing your order!

If delivery service is not available at your location, you will see the following error screen: 

Immediately following the placement of your order, you are asked to capture a screenshot of the Order Confirmation page:

You will then be asked to upload a screenshot of the Order is Created email.  This screenshot MUST include BOTH the Order ID and the Total Amount Spent.