***UPDATE 8/2/2018: At this time, the special Order in Advance program has been paused. ***

The Food Ordering program has special bonused shops available in limited locations:

  • 80 shops per week (40 takeout, 40 delivery)
  • Available ONLY in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles
  • Each shopper can do up to four shops per week (2 takeout and 2 delivery)
  • These shops require you to order in advance (the previous day, or even two days if you want).  For example, you can place an order in the evening for the following day's lunch.

To access the Order in Advance shops, use https://insta.prestomobilesurveys.com/site/Map/26fqh if you're using a browser, or enter code 26fqh.

 if you're using the Insta-Shopper app (click here for detailed instructions on how to do that).  The shops you're looking for have purple pins:

New shops are posted on Monday each week, so if you've used up your quota for the week, you'll be able to do more starting on the following Monday.