Google Pay is used to make quick and easy purchases with your phone at contactless terminals in stores. Qualified shoppers will be conducting in-store purchases to test the functionality of the mobile app, Google Pay.

Two purchases, as well as observations and photographs surrounding Google Pay signage and transaction terminals, are required.

Understanding how to use Google Pay on your smartphone is required. If you are not sure how to use the app, complete a Google search for the instructions.


Google Pay Set up:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app and make sure NFC is turned on.
  2. Your device locations services must be set to ON to conduct this shop.
  3. Open the Google Pay app and follow the setup instructions.
    - You may need to set up a PIN, pattern, password, or fingerprint screen lock
  4. When you are prompted to add a card to your Google Pay app:
    - Enter a valid credit or debit card that is compatible with Google Pay
    - Enter a SECOND valid credit or debit card that is compatible with Google Pay. This will be used to conduct your second purchase in the store. Each purchase requires a unique credit card to be used.

    - For Germany and US only, using a PayPal account/card is acceptable. Consider your PayPal account/card as your credit card type in Q11 of the evaluation. For Example, if you associate your Visa card with your PayPal account, consider PayPal the credit card type in Q11. 
  5. Samsung Users – Be sure to review the Secure Element Guide prior to shopping. This guide can beobtained from your scheduler.

Google Pay won’t work with phones that are:
  • Running a version of Android prior to Lollipop (5.0)
  • Running developer versions of Android
  • Rooted, custom rom, or where the factory software was modified
  • Using Samsung MyKnox
  • Untested and haven’t been approved by Google
  • You have an unlocked bootloader on your device
Device models that don’t support Google Pay include:
  • Elephone P9000
  • Evo 4G LTE
  • Nexus 7 (2012)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note III
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Light

If Google Pay is already installed on your device, be sure you have the latest version of both Google Pay and Google Play Services.

To confirm you are running latest version, you can check if your app is updated within each app (Settings > Apps > Google Pay and Settings >Apps > Google Play Services)

OR you can search for the app in the Google Play Store and see if the “Update” option appears.


The first few questions of each survey you complete will ask for the following information. If after attempting to locate this information on your device, you are unsuccessful, please do a Google search on how to locate the information you need to enter.

  1. DEVICE SKU: The SKU of your device needs to be reported in your survey. To locate the SKU for your specific device, go to the “ABOUT” section in your device settings. It may be listed as “MODEL”.

    You can also find your device’s SKU by dialing #06# from your device.

  2. ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM (OS): The operating system of your device needs to be reported in your survey. To locate the device operating system (OS), go to the “ABOUT PHONE” section in your device settings. It may be listed as “VERSION”.
  3. VERSION OF GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES: The version of Google Play services on your device needs to be reported in your survey. This can be found by visiting “GOOGLE PLAY” in your phone settings.

In order to conduct your shop and complete the survey, use of the Presto Insta-Shopper mobile app is required. Each survey will be accepted via this mobile app as well as the completed and submitted using the app.

You are required to enter the results of your tests immediately upon leaving each location. Any shop not submitted within 8 hours will automatically drop off your shopper account and become available for other shoppers to complete.

Download the Presto Insta-Shops app via the app store on your Android phone or visit to create an account or view available opportunities.

You will be provided with a unique access code in order to view opportunities related to this project. Check with your scheduler if you need assistance with the app before you start shopping.

PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: During your shop assignment, you are required to capture thefollowing photographs:

  1. ALL Mobile payment app signage: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc.
  2. The terminal (device used to process mobile payments and / or credit card payments)
  3. Your receipt.
  4. The digital receipt. This is the receipt that can be found within the app after purchase

Clear photographs are required for all shops. Failure to provide photo documentation on signage, the receipt and the terminal at the cash register may result in exclusion of your report.


If any transaction fails while you shop, you are required to submit a bug report. Details on how to generate a bug report are provided later in this document.

In order to prepare your device for this type of situation, complete the following steps BEFORE YOU CONDUCT ANY SHOPPING. This is a one-time step that is required before you begin.

It does not have to be repeated for additional bug reports you generate:

  1. On your phone/tablet go into Settings -> About Phone -> tap "Build Number" seven (yes 7) times. Developer options will then appear in Settings.
  2. Go into Developer Options and enable Developer Options (ON/OFF switch at the top)
  3. Scroll down and enable "USB Debugging" (near the bottom of the screen)
  4. Then 2 lines below, enable the option for "Bug report shortcut, Show a button in the power menu for taking a bug report".


Shopper Rotation: Shoppers should only shop each physical location/address once per 30 days. You can shop the same merchant at a different location within 30 days.

Upon reaching your assigned location, observe if any of the below signage is displayed inside or outside the building. Typically, these logos are located on the payment kiosk, on the terminal screen, near the cash register or on the front door. You are required tocapture photographs of any mobile payment signage you see while remaining covert.

This can be done as you browse or after you conduct a purchase test.

Browse the store and look for a small item for your 1st purchase (Under $6.50), then go to the cash register with your item to check out using your Google Pay app for payment. You can bring your 2nd item with you as well for your 2nd transaction if you prefer.

Follow these steps for successful completion of your 1st test:

  1. Hand the cashier your first item for purchase and ask, “Do you accept Google Pay?”

    If Google Pay is accepted

    Confirm you would like to use Google Pay to purchase the 1st item.

    Tap your device on the terminal to attempt payment.

    Note how many “taps” it takes for the payment to process.

    *Note:If your transaction fails after attempting 3 times, you should leave without making a purchase and document your actions in the survey. You do not need to attempt the 2nd purchase. Huawei Devices –Screens must be unlocked prior to attempting taps.
    If Google Pay is not accepted

    It is required that you ask if you can try to use Google Pay anyway.

    • If your attempt works, continue with your transaction.
    • f your attempt fails, leave without making a purchase and submit a bug report.
    PLEASE NOTE: All photo requirements will still need to be submitted in this scenario.*Photos include: Any mobile payment signage you noticed in the store or on the door

    Tapping Tips

    • NFC communication should occur within the span of a couple inches, so phone placement may not need to be exact. If communication between phone and terminal does not occur, try adjusting the tap location.
      • It may be useful to look up where your device’s NFC antenna is located. Often it is on a corner or top of the phone and other times closer to the center.
      • Terminals may have an NFC icon to denote where the terminal antenna is located.
    • Successful communication may require a few seconds of NFC contact. A literal “tap”(touching the phone to the terminal then removing the phone instantly) might not provide a successful connection. Place, hold, and then remove once you see the green checkmark in Google Pay.
    • Huawei Devices – screens must be unlocked prior to attempting to make taps

    These are examples of where you may find the NFC icon.

  2. While at the checkout register, take a photo of the terminal: The terminal is the device used to process electronic payments. Capture this photo in a covert manner and include any mobile payment signage you see in this immediate area.

    Some common terminal examples include:
    You will be required to document the brand of the terminal you use in your survey. If you can capture the model as well, please add it to your comments. It is important to look closely for this information at the cash register.

  3. Upon successful completion of your first transaction:
    1. Lock your phone. Unlock your phone.
    2. Go into your Google Pay app and change the default card to the second card you preloaded into the app.

      -This can be done while standing at the register or you can walk away, select your 2nd item to purchase and come back to the register.

    3. Follow the same steps for your 2nd purchase using the different card.

      NOTE: If your first transaction is successful but your SECOND transaction fails –take out the physical card that you used for the 2nd purchase attempt and pay for your item with the physical credit card.
    4. A physical credit card should only be used if the 1st transaction is successful and the 2nd transaction fails. Leave a note in the optional narrative portion of your report if you had to complete this step.
  4. Upon successful completion of both transactions, collect your purchase(s) and leave the store. If you did not take the appropriate photos of mobile payment signage around the store, do this before you leave. Submit your survey and upload all required photos from your smartphone using the Presto Insta-shopper mobile app.

You will be asked to provide the cash register number on your survey. This can be found on the register in the store or listed on your receipt. If no store register number is listed, enter 000 on the form.

What happens if the transaction does not work? This is considered a FAILED test. Follow the steps listed in the next section to report exactly what happened on your device during your attempt.


If either transaction fails and you are unable to make a purchase using Google Pay, take the following steps:

  • Try again: Make at least 3 attempts to tap your device and complete the transaction.
  • Take a picture of the error message on the terminal. If unable to get this photo, you will need to put an explanation in the form to explain why you were unable to get the photo.
  • Only make a purchase using another form of payment for the 2nd transaction if the 1st transaction is successful but the 2nd transaction fails. Use the physical credit card that you preloaded into Google Pay for the 2nd transaction and leave a comment in the optional narrative.
  • Exception: In some situations, it might be required that you continue the transaction using another form of payment. For example, a taxi ride you already took or a food shop where your meal is already prepared. If this happens, continue with the purchase using another form of payment, and we will reimburse you up to $6.50. Consider the shop a failed transaction and submit a bug report as follows: 

Generating a Bug Report

Each time you have a failed transaction for both purchase and return shops, a bug report should be submitted. The bug report must be generated within 5 minutes of the transaction. Failure to generate a bug report within 5 minutes will result in your shop being excluded.

Take a bug report as soon as possible after a test failure but no longer than 5 minutes:

  1. Long press on the power button: An option will appear that says “TAKE A BUG REPORT”.
  2. About 20 seconds later, you'll see a bug report notification in the top left corner in your notification bar.
    Tapping on the notification gives you the option to share the bug report in an email message.
  3. Email the bug report to Include the merchant name you are testing and your country when you send the bug report email. Be sure to also copy your Field Coordinator on the bug report email.

This process should be completed any time you have a failed transaction.


When you receive the digital receipt, see if there is a map on it. If you don’t immediately see the map on the receipt, wait 15-30 minutes and check again.

If the map has a red pin or merchant logo take one of the following actions:

  • If the name and address do not match the physical location where you shopped, send a bug report following the above steps.
  • If the name and address match - select yes on the survey and continue with the report.
  • If there is no address listed - select no on the survey and provide details in the transaction feedback question.

If the map has a blue pin, take one of the following actions:

  • If the name and address do not match the physical location where you shopped, select No on the survey and continue with the report.
  • If the name and address match - select yes on the survey and continue with the report.
  • If there is no address listed - select no on the survey and provide details in the transaction feedback question/


Wait up to 3 hours after your transaction to receive your digital receipt. As soon as you receive your digital receipt, take a few moments to complete and submit your survey from the PRESTO app.

Your survey is due on the same day as when you completed the assignment.


If you CURRENTLY USE Samsung pay on your device, you might need to adjust your phone’s settings to allow it to pay with Google Pay instead.

  • The settings may need to be changed due to the phone being set to Samsung Pay.
  • Navigate to Settings -> NFC and Sharing -> NFC.
  • At the top of the screen is a slider to turn NFC on/off. To the right, there is a 3 dot menu. Select this and choose Advanced NFC Settings.
  • To allow Google Pay to work, select "Android Operating System".
  • If you need to change between Samsung Pay and Google Pay, this option should change automatically but if not, you can manually select SE/Secure Element (Not SE SIM though) for Samsung Pay.

If you are using a Xiami device, make sure the default NFC is set to HCE wallet.