The purpose of your visit is to determine the number “TV Tacos” located at a Best Buy location. 

TV Tacos are light blue or white cases that protect TVs during the transportation process. Best Buy would like to record the total number of TV tacos that are present in each store.

In order to participate on this program you should:  

  • Have the ability to interact/communicate professionally with store management. 
  • Dress in a manner that reflects good taste and business professionalism. 
  • Possess GfK/Best Buy Auditor Authorization Letter


All assignments are completed using the Presto Insta-shops Mobile Application.  

  1. If you do not have this app, download it from the app store or visit www.prestomap.com
    1. The email address you use to register with Presto must match your GfK shopper email.
    2. You will be provided with a PRIVATE access code in order to view shops on this project.

When you open the Presto mobile app, locate the FILTER option at the top, and enter the access code we provide under Private Project code.

The blue pins are your options for shops to complete.  You can grab as many pins as you want to complete within a day. 


Visits can take place Monday – Friday from when the store opens until 5:00 PM local time. 

Best Buy Auditors:  If you are conducting your SEA audit on the same day as this assignment, make sure you can complete BOTH evaluations by 5:00 PM local time.  If you cannot complete this assignment within the timeframe of your regular audit, save it for another day. 

Stand Alone Visit:  If this is the only assignment you are completing on the day of your visit:

  1. Enter the location, and ask to see a manager.
  2. Present your Letter of Authorization indicating you are here to collect a count on the TV tacos in the store including in the warehouse, in the Geek Squad area and/or any applicable trailers.


The LILO System:  If completing a stand-alone visit, log into the LILO system prior to starting.  If you are new to this process, please reach out to Diana.paone@gfk.com for detailed instructions. 


The purpose of your visit is to count all TV Tacos located in any of the following places:  

  1. The warehouse
  2. The Geek Squad counter area – manager assistance is required
  3. Any applicable trailers – manager assistance required


Walk the warehouse and count the total number of TV Tacos you find.  You will be asked to provide a number of TV Tacos in use (there is a TV in it) as well as those not in use. It is acceptable to receive help from a manager or associate if needed.

Ask the Floor Leader if there are any TV Tacos currently being stored on a trailer.  
  • If yes, follow the same steps in counting the inventory you followed while in the warehouse. 
  • If no / not applicable, note this in your survey. 

Inform the Floor Leader you require their assistance to count the number of TV Tacos behind the Geek Squad counter. Ask him or her to count and tell you the number of TV Tacos in this area, both in use and not in use. DO NOT under any circumstances go behind the Geek Squad counter to conduct these counts yourself.

Once all of your counts have been completed, return to the LILO computer to logout before leaving the location.

All assignments must be submitted via the Presto app upon completion.  Please be available for up to 72 hours after completing your assignment for questions/clarification on any details you provided.