Shoppers will be conducting covert mystery shops to test the usability and acceptance of NFC MasterCard credit cards paired with mobile contactless payment availability. 

It is required to have either an iPhone or Android smartphone in order to participate in this project.  You will be using the Presto Mobile App to collect and submit your data.

NFC or “Near Field Communication” tests will require shoppers to attempt to use the contactless payment feature of a Mastercard provided by GfK. 

The goal of your test is to assess whether the merchant’s payment terminal accepts the CONTACTLESS (NFC) feature of the Mastercard we provide.   


In order to conduct your shop and complete the survey, use of the Presto Insta shopper mobile app is required.  Each survey will be accepted, completed and submitted via this mobile app.  Download the app on the app store or Google Play store or by visiting

Please note that your Presto email must match the email that you used to register with GfK.

CARD PIN:  Call the number on the back of the cards and follow the prompts to set up your pin.

PHOTO REQUIREMENTS:  During your shop assignment, capture the following photographs:

  1. Purchase receipt:  This should be clear and display all payment details.

You will receive a packet with TWO Mastercard debit cards in the mail prior to shopping.  These are the only forms of payment to be used during this project.

Card #1:  This card is pre-loaded with $200.  Use this card FIRST at each merchant.  This is the only credit card you will attempt to TAP on the payment terminal to make your purchase.  Please note that it is ok to TAP and hold a few seconds to ensure the card/process works.

Card #2:  This card is pre-loaded with $350.  You will notice a YELLOW circle sticker on the front of this card.  The only time you will use this card is when your attempt to TAP card #1 is unsuccessful. 

DO NOT TAP CARD #2.  Either insert or swipe this card to complete your transaction.  This card is used SOLELY to help you complete a transaction if your NFC Tap test fails. 


It is your responsibility to visit each location to which you are assigned.  You will be required to provide the complete street address for each merchant and enter it into the survey.  

You are responsible for visiting each location during their regular hours of operation.  If you are unsure, feel free to contact your assigned location for specific times. 

  1. Select a small item(s) to purchase and take it to the register.  Purchase can be anything you wish that is $5.00 - $10.00. 
  2. Proceed to the cashier to pay for your purchase.

  • TAP CARD #1 (and hold for a few seconds) on the payment terminal.  The next steps differ based on the success/ failure of this attempt:

Collect your receipt
Leave the location.  Your visit is complete.

Take out Card #2 and Insert OR swipe it to complete the transaction.
Collect your receipt.  Your visit is complete.

Did the FIRST Transaction Decline?  Capture the reason displayed on the terminal, if possible.  This can be an error code or a short message.  Your survey will ask for this information.  

Be advised:  The only reason you have a second credit card is to allow you to make a purchase if tapping Card #1 fails.  Do not ever try to “TAP” card #2.  Just use it to complete the purchase if your tapping effort does not work.  It is considered a ‘back up’ card ONLY.


All assignments will be accepted and completed using the Presto Insta-shops Mobile Application.  

Enter the results immediately after conducting each shop.