This mystery shop is being conducted to evaluate the self check out experience at various H-E-B, Target and Walmart locations.

PROVE IT  (Proof of visit requirements)

The following attachments are required to be submitted with the survey:

  1. Photo of the receipt.
  2. Photo of the self check out counter you used for your transaction. It needs to be a

    photo of the entire check out counter. 

PREP FOR IT (Requirements – call ahead, certifications etc.)

  • Review these guidelines carefully.
  • Confirm the location is open for business before you arrive. 
  • A purchase of several items is required at the self check out area.

ARE YOU THE RIGHT FIT? (Program Eligibility)

  • You need a smartphone equipped with the PRESTO INSTASHOP APP to accept and complete this assignment. 
  • Take and pass the certification quiz with a score of 100%.


You will be reimbursed for a purchase up to $15 and have to spend a minimum of $12.

Please make all required purchases, and any optional you wish from the list below.

  1. One Fresh Produce Item (to be weighed)
  2. One Shelf Stable/Frozen/Refrigerated Item (to be scanned)
  3. One Alcoholic Beverage-optional for shoppers 21 and over
  4. You may add other items of your choosing in addition to the client required list

THE MISSION (Shop instructions)

When you reach your assigned location…

  • Browse the store, shopping for the items on the approved shopping list.
  • Approach the self-checkout area to purchase your items.

SCENARIO: Portray someone who is using the self check-out for the first time. As you are checking out,

ENGAGE A SALES ASSOCIATE and request help with weighing your fresh produce item. 

When completing the transaction, evaluate the self-check out associate for the following: 

  • How difficult it was to get assistance at the self check out? 
  • Associate’s overall knowledge • Helpfulness of the Associate 
  • Did the Self Check Out Associate ask you to show ID for the alcohol purchase? 
  • Overall ease of the payment process 
  • Any difficulties you experienced in the process overall 

SHARE THE LOVE (Submit the survey)

  • Submit your evaluation via the PRESTO APP immediately upon leaving the store.
  • Please note: Shops will automatically fall off your account if they are not submitted 8 hours after you claim your pin on the map. This is an automated process.


Nicole Charron