This covert audit is being conducted to ensure that BP standards are being met in regards to Mariano's loyalty signage. Passing a certification quiz with 100% is required to conduct work on this program. A max of 50 shops per shopper please.

PROVE IT  (Proof of visit requirements)

The following attachments must be uploaded with the survey:

  1. A receipt for a small purchase onsite.
  2. A photograph of one gas pump at the location you visit.
  3. A photograph of the light approach and grocer flag, if present

PREP FOR IT (Requirements – call ahead, certifications etc.)

This covert audit requires you to confirm accurate loyalty signage is present in BP gas station environments. 

  • Review these guidelines carefully prior to attempting to take and pass the certification quiz.
  • Confirm the location is open for business before you arrive. 

ARE YOU THE RIGHT FIT? (Program Eligibility)

  • If you or any member of your family is current employee of BP, do not accept this assignment.
  • It is required to have a smartphone equipped with the PRESTO app (available in Google Play or in the app store) in order to participate.  Download the app, and create an account using the same email address you use for your mystery shopping profile.

PRESTO: shops will be accessed and completed via the Presto app

When you open the Presto mobile app, you will see this project appear as blue pins on your map.

  • The blue pins are your options for shops to complete.  You can grab as many pins as you want to complete within a day. 
  • Pins will fall off your list after 12 hours time if the corresponding shop is not submitted within that timeframe.

THE MISSION (Shop instructions)

When you reach your assigned location, pull up to any gas pump you choose and park your car.  Open up the Presto mobile application on your smartphone, and begin entering the details of your survey.

Take a photo of the gas pump where you are parked.  Do this right from the mobile app while you are viewing the survey.  The image should be of the entire pump and should include all visible Mariano's loyalty signage.  The photo should be close enough to verify the signage but far away enough to include all signage, including the hose squawker, if present.

Confirm the following Mariano's loyalty signage is present on the pump where you parked your car.  ONLY answer these detailed questions around that specific pump. 

The numbers displayed on the diagrams below indicate where you will find each item:

  1. Mariano's CRIND STRIP
  2. Mariano's DISPENSER DECAL
  3. Mariano's HOSE SQUAWKER
  4. Mariano's LIGHT APPROACH (could be on any light pole)
  5. Mariano's GROCER FLAG
  6. CANCEL button clearly visible on the screen or pin pad

Example images are shown below.

Gas Pump Mariano's Signage Examples:


After you answer the questions about the gas pump where you are parked:

  1. Count the total number of gas pumps present at the gas station.
  2. Get out of your car, and discreetly evaluate how many gas pumps are missing the appropriate signage you just evaluated at the pump where you parked your car. 


Approach the convenience store as a typical customer. 

  1. Is the Mariano's WINDOW CLING visible on the front door or surrounding windows?
  2. Select a small item for purchase, and approach the cash register. Note – it is acceptable to purchase gas during this shop, but only by going inside and pre-paying. Do not purchase gas at the pump, as we have no way of confirming your in-store visit.
  3. Is the Mariano's CASH MAT located at the register area?
  4. As you pay for your purchase, ask the cashier about the Fuel Points program.  You can say something like, “Can you tell me about the Fuel Points program?”  or point to the sign, and say “What’s the Fuel Points program?” 
  5. Collect your receipt, and leave the store.



SHARE THE LOVE (Submit the survey)

As soon as you return to your car, open the PRESTO app on your smartphone.  Finish answering the final questions and upload a copy of your receipt for reimbursement (within allowable limits).  Submit your survey before you leave the gas station.


Diana Paone: