Shoppers will be visiting local gas stations to secure the reading on gas pump meters.  All visits will be covert.   

PROVE IT  (Proof of visit requirements)

  1. Take a photo of the overall gas station with pumps and store visible if possible.
  2. Photos of the meters on all pumps at the site.
  3. If your location only has meters at  some pumps, take a photo of every pump to confirm the meter is not present.  Finish the rest of your audit, and submit it for payment.
  4. If the location does not have visible meters, take a picture of the storefront and do not complete the audit. This will be considered a closed location and will be paid at half pay.

Example photo of meter
Example location photo (Pumps/store)

PREP FOR IT (Requirements – call ahead, certifications etc.)

  • A quiz will need to be taken/passed prior to visiting the facility.  
  • It is your responsibility to visit during operating hours.  Google the location or call to confirm if necessary.  Shopping outside of store hours will result in assignment rejection.

COVERT ASSIGNMENT:  Under no circumstances should you reveal yourself if you are approached.  If this happens, take the following steps:

  1. BE POLITE.  Always interact with the staff in a professional manner.
  2. Say, “I am working on a market research survey about different types of fuel dispensers in the area.  I should just be one more moment.”

This assignment will be completed using the PRESTO Mobile Application.  

All shops are required to be submitted while onsite at each location. 

  • As you select locations to shop by claiming PINS on the Presto map, please note – PINS that are not submitted within 8 hours will automatically drop off your account and re-appear on the map for other shoppers to potentially claim.  


ARRIVAL:  When you arrive onsite, park your car at a PUMP as if you were getting gas. We recommend parking at a pump to the ‘side’ of the station.  Do not start in the middle. 

METER READS:  Grab your phone, and hop out of your car.  Start at the pump where you parked your car.  

UNDERSTANDING THE PUMPS:  A fueling station is one SIDE of a pump where you pump gas.  Typically each PUMP has TWO fueling stations (one on either side) – Capture the PUMP NUMBER for each side of the pump that you audit. 

EACH PUMP will only have ONE set of meters.  Meters will be located either on the face of a fueling station OR on the side of  the entire PUMP.  There can either be 2, 3 or 4 meters listed.

Meters on face of fueling station
Meters on side of PUMP
Meters on face of fueling station

DECIDE YOUR PATH: In addition to capturing the details of the meters at each pump, you have to tell us what FUELING STATIONS are located at each pump.  After you take the pictures, enter the data prior to leaving the site so you make sure to enter the appropriate information into the form. 

  1. Locate the meters on the pump where your car is parked.  
  2. TAKE A PHOTO that clearly shows the numbers on each meter shown on the pump. 
  3. Walk to the next pump.  Take a photo of the meters on this pump.
  4. Follow these steps until you have a picture of the meters at EACH PUMP at the location.  

The survey will provide space for FOUR meter readings. If the pumps you evaluate do not have FOUR meters, please enter a zero (0) in the space on the form.

It is mandatory to capture the meter details at every pump onsite.   

STAY COVERT:   If you feel you might get caught, take a few photos and go back to your car to enter some of your data into the app.  Then step back out a few minutes later to try to get a few more.

IF YOU CAN’T READ A METER:  Try wiping it off etc.  Ensure your pictures are clear and free from any obstructive views.

WHEN YOU HAVE ALL YOUR PICTURES:  Go back to your car and check the pictures to ensure they are all clear and unobstructed. 

OPEN PRESTO:  From your parked car, open up the Presto app, and start filling out your survey.  It’s important not to leave the location so you can be sure to enter the data correctly

ENTERING METER NUMBERS:  Follow these rules when entering the meter numbers into your survey:

  1. If the meters are displayed HORIZONTALLY, list them in your survey from LEFT to RIGHT.
  2. If the meters are displayed VERTICALLY, list them in your survey from TOP to BOTTOM.

It is required to upload the photo of each meter.  Make sure it matches the data you entered.

It is required to list the fueling stations that correspond with each PUMP / METER.  A second visit will be conducted at this site in the future.  Quality data collection is ESSENTIAL.

COVERT SITE AUDIT:  After entering your data from the meter reads, continue to answer the AUDIT questions on the survey.  You can complete some of this from your car, but you may need to step out to:

  • Count the parking spaces and the hours of operation
  • Determine the types of gas the location offers

Use your judgement in collecting this data before you leave the site.  Remain covert. 

SHARE THE LOVE (Submit the survey)

It is required to enter the details of your findings while you are onsite.  Be sure to submit your survey before proceeding to your next assignment.


Joanne Rivera