Mystery shops are being conducted at Lowe's locations across the US in an effort to evaluate the customer journey.  Visits will include an inquiry in two departments, a purchase and a same-day return.

PROVE IT  (Proof of visit requirements)

All submissions will require:

  1. A photo of your purchase and return receipts.


Each visit requires interacting with staff in TWO departments, making a small purchase and returning that purchase on the same day.  Plan your time accordingly.

  • Store Hours:  It is your responsibility to visit the location when it is open.  Confirm the hours of operation before you proceed to conduct your shop.

  • Do not shop during the last hour of operation on a given day.
  • Passing a certification quiz is required for this assignment.  Review these guidelines in detail to ensure your success when taking the quiz.


This assignment requires you to visit TWO departments during your visit to Lowe's.  Your assigned departments are:  

  1. Ceiling Fans
  2. Faucets

An inquiry interaction is required in both departments. 


This assignment requires you to remember details about your experience in TWO departments.  A mobile ‘cheat sheet’ is available on the survey in the Mobile App.  Feel free to jot down notes in your phone about your ‘posed projects’ to help you remember.

When you arrive at your assigned location, enter as if you were a potential customer.  Note the following:

  1. Were you greeted and/or offered assistance right away before reaching your first assigned department?
  2. Was the greeting verbal, friendly and professional with an offer of assistance?


Please be ready to knowledgeably discuss the following 2 scenarios during your visit. Familiarize yourself with the scenarios and the ‘need behind the need’ details, which should be strictly followed. You may choose which scenario to complete first; however, both scenarios are required to be completed during your visit. These are the details you will present to the associate, if asked.


Scenario: You have a ceiling fan in the master bedroom that is worn out and making noise. You feel you can install the fan but have reservations about working with electricity. You have done research online and would like a variable speed fan with a modern look.   

Need: Install a ceiling fan.

Need Behind the Need: 

  • Circulate the air in the master bedroom 
  • Enjoy white noise to help you sleep 
  • Saving on energy bills and want to 
  • Use the fan to circulate air in warmer and cooler months

Room Specifics:

  • The ceiling in the room is 10’ high
  • The trim is painted white and the walls are a darker taupe color


Scenario: You have two older faucets in the master bathroom. One is leaking, and you are planning on replacing both. You want a brushed nickel look to match the door handle set. You are undecided on whether to install it yourself or to have a contractor do the install.

Need: Replacing two faucets in the master bathroom.

Need Behind the Need:  

  • Your older stainless-steel faucet leaks
  • You have replaced the cartridges and seals multiple times
  • The current faucets are attached to a single-piece marble dual-sink vanity top which does not need to be replaced.
  • The existing faucets are a 3-hole set.  


Make your way to your FIRST assigned department.  As you enter this area, record the following:

  1. How long it takes for you to receive assistance.

WAIT TIME: If assistance is not immediately offered, wait in the aisle 5 minutes. If assistance is still not offered, walk to the main aisle and wait an additional 5 minutes. Wait a total of 10 minutes before pressing the red assistance button. If after waiting an additional 5 minutes (total wait time of 15 minutes) an associate does not approach and offer assistance, proactively seek assistance. You must ask for assistance if not offered, after waiting the required amount of time. If you cannot find an associate to assist you anywhere in the store, proceed to the next step.

When you receive assistance, get the first name of the associate. 

Be natural in your approach.  Ask about a room in your home and features/design options specific to the scenarios on the previous page.  Mentally note if the associate:

  1. Probed about your specific needs with your task or the reason for your visit.
  2. Recap your stated needs to confirm he/she understood.
  3. Made recommendations based on your stated needs.
  4. Mention any additional products or services he/she felt would meet your needs.

As the conversation ends, state you need to think about your purchase.  Take note if the sales associate makes an effort to resolve your hesitation or pressures you to make a decision.

If the associate offers additional assistance, DECLINE.  End your interaction in department one. The interaction in your second department should be with a different associate, if possible.


Make your way to your SECOND assigned department.  Capture the same details you collected in DEPARTMENT ONE using the faucet scenario outline on page 2 of this guide.

Complete the same process for wait time as you did in department one, if needed. When you receive assistance, get the first name of the associate. 

Be natural in your approach. Ask about a room in your home and features/design options specific to the scenarios on the previous page. 

Capture the same details around the interaction that you captured in DEPARTMENT ONE.


Once both department interactions have been completed, select a small item (i.e. light bulb, roll of duct tape, paint brush, etc.) to purchase at the front checkout registers.  Please do NOT select a perishable item (such as candy bars, drinks, etc.), gift cards or paint, as these items are non-refundable. Do not use a self-checkout counter to make your purchase.

Evaluate the customer service at this area of the store by noting:

  1. The name and demeanor of the cashier who helps you.
  2. Did the cashier ask if you found everything you were looking for in the store?
  3. Were you offered the opportunity to complete a survey?
  4. What was your total wait time in line?
  5. Total number of customers in line, including yourself and any customer being attended to at the register.

Take your purchased item and your receipt, and leave the store.  

WAIT!  Your shop is not complete.  A return is required.  While you wait, take the time to start completing your survey on Presto App while the details are fresh in your mind


At least 30 minutes after your purchase, go back into the store to return your purchase.  Capture:

  1. The name of the associate who assists you with the return.
  2. The greeting you received
  3. The total amount of time you waited in the return line to be assisted
  4. The total time it takes you to complete your return.

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Submit your evaluation immediately after completing the onsite shop. The shop will fall off your queue if not submitted within 12 hours of accepting the shop.

Please be available for up to 72 hours after your shop has been submitted should any clarifications be needed regarding your report.