Short answer: almost certainly not!

Long answer: ALL Presto Insta-Shops are controlled by limits.  When a mystery shopping company sets up a project, they can specify many different limits and quotas.  For example:

  • Allow only one shop per location
  • Allow each shopper to do a maximum of five shops
  • Allow 100 shops total at any of 5000 locations
  • Start this project on January 1st and stop it on January 31st
  • Run this project until we've used up all our shopper funds

When a lot of pins suddenly disappear, it's most likely that the mystery shopping company has met a limit that affects the project as a whole, such as the project's end date or the total number of shops.  It's also possible that you have hit a limit controlling your participation in the project (for example, if you've claimed the maximum number of shops allowed to any one shopper). What's not likely is that some other shopper is claiming all the shops.