• Take clear photos of menu boards using your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • If the location is NOT open 24 Hours, you must also take a picture of the location’s hours of operations. 
  • If there is a drive-thru take the photos of the drive-thru menu boards. If no drive-thru, go inside to photograph the menu boards.
  • Complete the assignment in the morning between 6am and 10:30am.
  • You have 24 hours to complete the assignment and submit the shop report once claimed.
  • More questions?  See the contact information at the end of this guide.

Photo Requirements

  • You are required to obtain and upload two CLEAR photos of the Drive-Thru menu board(s).
    •  If more than one menu board, obtain a photo of each board.
    •  If one menu board, obtain at least 2 different photos of the board.  (You must upload two photos).
    • If NOT a 24 Hour Location, obtain a photo of the Hours of Operation. (You must upload three photos).
    • If the menu board is large and cannot fit in one photo, take multiple photos, but make sure you have covered the entire menu board.
    • You may upload up to 6 photos. Take multiple photos to select the best two and upload extras.

  • Photos must include the entire menu board and the menu board border/edge
  • Photos must include all of the breakfast items on the menu boards.
  • Shops must be performed between 6am - 10:30am.
  • Photograph the Drive-Thru menu board. However, if there is no Drive-Thru then photos of the menu boards from inside are allowed.
  •  Photos must be HIGH RESOLUTION- We must be able to read the signage and ALL prices clearly.  Make sure your device is set to take high resolution photos and not reduce the photo size prior to uploading If your device resizes photos below our minimum resolution (1300 pixels), you will NOT be able to submit your shop.  
  • Your photos must include ALL Breakfast items on the menu board. You can upload up to 6 photos.
  • Your assignment will be ‘Rejected’ if it is not the full menu board or we cannot clearly read ALL the prices.
  • Do NOT take photos thru your car windows. This affects the clarity of the picture.


Below are examples of ACCEPTED vs. REJECTED photos:


Helpful Tips


  • You can either drive or walk up to the drive-thru menu board- whichever will allow for the clearest photos to be acquired.
  • If no drive-thru, go into the restaurant to photograph the menu boards.
  • The more photos, the better! Two photos are required to be uploaded, but you can upload up to 6 photos. Having more to choose from allows for greater success.
  • Complete the shop form at the location!  You must verify that you are at the shop location in order to unlock the shop form, so do NOT do the shop and then expect to complete your report at home.  
  • For best results geolocating and uploading photos, use the Presto Insta-Shopper app.  You can also do your shops using a mobile browser if you wish.  If you have problems geolocating with a browser, try to complete your shop with the app -- if you have problems geolocating with the app, try using a browser (click here to see how to complete shops that you've already claimed).


***Unclear photos will cause your assignment to be REJECTED!  We MUST be able to clearly read ALL prices ***







If you have any questions, please contact the Project Manager.

*Available Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm Eastern Time

Lisa Snopek