• Take a minimum of two clear photos of menu boards using your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Drive Thru menu is preferred.  If no drive thru, take photos of the menu boards inside.
  • Complete the assignment between the hours of 11am and 11pm.
  • Once claimed, you have 24 hours to complete the assignment and upload the photos.


A local fast food company is interested in receiving information regarding their competitor’s menu details through photos.


Photo Requirements

  • You are required to obtain and upload at least two CLEAR photos of the menu board(s).
    • If more than one menu board, obtain a photo of each board.
    • If one menu board, obtain at least 2 different photos of the board.  (You must upload two photos).
    • If the menu board is large, you may take separate photos of each panel.  Make sure you upload all photos to show the entire menu board.   
  • Photos must be of lunch/dinner menu boards (and, McDonalds all day breakfast menu).
  • Shops must be performed between 11 am and 11pm and during the location's business hours.
  • Drive-Thru menu board is preferred.  However, if there is no Drive-Thru then photos of the menu boards from inside are required.
  • Photos must be HIGH RESOLUTION- We must be able to read the signage and ALL prices clearly.
  • Photos must include the entire menu board and the menu board border/edge
  • Your assignment will be ‘Rejected’ if the photos do not show the entire menu board and/or we cannot clearly read ALL the prices.
  • Additional photo uploads are provided for photos of large menu boards, or any other photos you would like to share.

Helpful Tips

  • The more photos, the better! You only need to upload a few photos, but having more to choose from allows for greater success.
  • Do NOT take photos thru your car windows. This affects the clarity of the picture.

You can either drive or walk up to the menu board- whichever will allow for the clearest photos to be acquired.

  • Complete the shop form at the location! You must verify that you are at the shop location in order to unlock the shop form.

***Unclear photos will cause your assignment to be REJECTED***

Below are examples of ACCEPTED vs. REJECTED photos:



If you have any questions, please contact the Project Manager.

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