• Take clear photos of EACH page of the assigned restaurant’s DINNER menu.  If the restaurant also has a PRIX FIXE menu, photograph that also. 
  • Complete the assignment after 4pm, when you can most easily access the DINNER menu.
  • You have 24 hours to complete the assignment and submit the shop report.


A local restaurant is interested in receiving information regarding their competitor’s menu details through photos.

Photo Requirements

  • You are required to obtain and upload CLEAR photos of EACH page of the restaurant’s menu.
    • You will need to obtain a menu and go somewhere to discreetly photograph the menu.  (At some locations the menu may be posted outside the restaurant.)
    • Do not identify yourself as an evaluator or disclose your purpose for being there.
  • If there is a Prix Fixe menu, also photograph and upload that menu.
  • The photos must contain the entire page, including borders.
  • We must be able to read all items and prices.  Take multiple photos and upload the best ones.  
  • Photograph the DINNER menu.  Visit the location during their dinner hours. 
  • Photograph ALL pages of the menu.
  • Photos must be HIGH RESOLUTION- We must be able to read the ALL menu information and prices clearly. To confirm this on your end, try enlarging the photos as well to ensure that even when enlarged they are clear and not grainy.
  • Your assignment will be ‘Rejected’ and we will be unable to pay you if it is not the full menu or we cannot clearly read ALL the items and prices.

Helpful Tips

  • Some locations will have the menu posted outside the restaurant.  If this is the case you may photograph that, as long as all pages are posted.
  • Some scenarios you can use to obtain a menu.  Then take the menu outside or to your car to take photographs:
    • You are waiting on a friend and would like to look over the menu while you wait.
    • You want to place a to-go order for yourself or a group, ask for a menu to review (Make sure you are given the full menu, not a smaller to-go menu).
  • If you choose to dine in the restaurant to obtain the menu photos, however there is no reimbursement for expenses.
  • Do not let staff see you taking photos of the menu.


If you have any questions, please contact the Project Manager.

Jennifer Eyler


***Unclear photos will cause your assignment to be REJECTED.  We MUST be able to clearly read ALL prices.***