updated 9/13/17


  • Shoppers will order food using an app on their SmartPhone and then evaluate the ordering process, the delivery process, and the quality of the food received.  
  • Deliveries must be made to the address listed on your shopper profile.  You then can choose almost ANY restaurant (see restrictions below) in which that food delivery app will deliver to you, regardless of zip code.  
  • Shops can be found in the following cities: Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Purchase Requirement

  • Shoppers must have a smartphone to use for the shop (with the ability to take a screenshot of the App).  
  • You must place your order during dinner hours (5:30pm-8pm).  
  • Your order must include 1 hot entrée.  
    • You may NOT order from any Chinese restaurants.  Other Asian cuisines, such as Thai, is acceptable.  
    • You may NOT order from a restaurant which primarily serves pizza, such as Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Dominoes.  You may order from an Italian restaurant which serves other Italian cuisine, such as pasta.  
    • Regardless of the type of restaurant you visit, please refrain from ordering pizza or Chinese food for any of the items purchased.  
  • Your order must include 1 cold drink.  Fountain beverages, as well as canned or bottled beverages, are all acceptable.  Alcoholic beverages of any kind may NOT be included in the order.
  • You may order up to 2 hot entrees, up to 2 sides, and/or up to 2 drinks if desired.  NOTE: Orders exceeding 2 of any of the above will not be accepted.  You will be paid $12 TOTAL for this shop, which includes the purchase of these items.  Do not make any special requests
    • Ordering a combo meal or a kid’s meal is acceptable, provided that it fits the overall purchase guideline.  When ordering a combo meal, be sure to review what items are included.  
    • Any additional items ordered outside of the required one hot entrée and one cold drink must comply with overall ordering guidelines (i.e.  no pizza or Chinese).  
  • Shop pay, including reimbursement, is up to $12 which includes food costs, delivery fees, and tip.  To keep costs under the $12, look for a restaurant that is not super expensive and has no/low delivery fees.


  • Orders must be placed between 5:30-8pm only.  
  • Orders must be delivered immediately after placing the order.  For example, do not place an order for 4:00 pm and request that it be delivered at 5:30 pm.  
  • Shoppers will first download the free App from one of the delivery services listed above.  (See your shop guidelines for which app you are specifically assigned for each shop, and the list at the bottom of this article for links to all the apps.)
  • The food must be delivered to a free-standing house, townhouse, mobile home, duplex or apartment that is easily accessible to the public (the delivery person must be able to access a doorbell or buzzer directly to your unit -- rentals are okay).  Deliveries cannot be made to gated communities or any unit without direct access to a doorbell/buzzer as this can affect the delivery timing.
  • Please be aware that different fees may apply, depending on the app used and the restaurant selected.  Some restaurants require a minimum purchase amount and some don’t.  The delivery fee can vary by restaurant.  If you wish to keep your out-of-pocket costs down, thoroughly review the restaurant options available to you to select a restaurant with no/low minimal purchase amounts and delivery fees.  
  • Shoppers will make a purchase from their assigned app for delivery that will include at least one hot entrée and one cold drink.  To best compare the deliveries, food purchased must be made-to-order entrées, not something that is on an assembly line or already prepared.
  • Shoppers must take note of the various aspects of the ordering process and browse the app (even if you know what you want to order beforehand).
  • A screenshot of the final screen of the App from your phone is required.  This screen must show items like the purchase amount, items purchased, delivery fee, etc.  (see example).  Do not provide a photo of the paper receipt that comes with your order.  
  • After ordering, you will evaluate the timing of the delivery (the specific time it arrived is required).  
  • Once your food arrives, you will evaluate various aspects of the delivery driver.  
  • Take a photo of the food and upload that photo to the shop report.  The photo should show the food items, so open the packaging as necessary.  If the beverage has a lid on it, take the lid off prior to taking the photo.  The photo should show the entire order, including all food and beverages ordered, as well as any condiments, utensils, and/or napkins that were provided. 
  • Finally, you will evaluate the entrée and drink (if 2 ordered, rate your entrée/drink only).  

General Information

  • All evaluations must be submitted by midnight of the due date after completion of your shop.  
  • These are anonymous shops, so all effort must be made to remain anonymous throughout any interactions you may have during the shop.  
  • Please be sure to check your email for any questions/issues from SeeLevel regarding your report.  Failure to resubmit with the necessary information will result in your report being rejected and non-payment.  Please contact your scheduler if you have any questions/issues.  
  • If you have any questions about your shop or encounter any issues, please contact your scheduler.

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