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BARE Contacts

Michael Highland


Mindy Alvarez



Evaluators will gather intelligence of a Bose® display following retrofit work that was performed by 3PL.  Specifically, the goal is to confirm that work was performed correctly and to learn if the display and product are functional.



Each evaluation pays $6.00 USD/ $8.00 CAD.


Review guidelines and Presto survey thoroughly to familiarize yourself with questions asked and details to be collected.


Confirm 3PL work was performed as expected:

  • Front of display is flush to the front of the shelf.
  • Display secured to the shelf – 3 spots
  • Price flag (tag) inserted in acrylic holder
  • MOD sign inserted in shelf sign rail – left justified
  • Backer graphic installed
  • Confirm that audio plays from the Bose product (via demo engagement button on fixture)
  • Learn if there is any visible damage to either the display or products.
  • Photograph the display to show the products and graphics on the fixture.

Agent Audit Questions

***PLEASE NOTE: ONLY the Bose display in Reference Photo A should be audited. PLEASE DO NOT AUDIT ANY OTHER DISPLAY***

Please see Reference Photo A.  Please locate Bose display that showcases the Bose Solo 5 Speaker. The display should be in the electronics department.  It should in-line with other soundbar speaker offerings. We are confident the Bose fixture is in the building. If needed, please ask a Retail Salesperson for help with locating this Bose fixture.

NOTE: If you still cannot find the Bose display fixture, PLEASE LEAVE QUESTIONS 2-9 BLANK. 

If this specific display is present, please complete the rest of the survey.

Q1. (See Reference Photo A) Is the Bose Solo 5 speaker display on the salesfloor? (YES/NO)

Q2. (See Reference Photo B) Press the “Play/Pause” button on the demo engagement pad on the Solo 5 speaker display.  (NOTE:  You may have to wait 5 seconds for the demo to begin.  Hitting the “Play/Pause” could cause demo to “Pause”).  Can the demonstration be heard through the Bose Solo 5 speaker? (YES/NO) 

Q3. Is there any physical damage on the Solo 5 display or Bose products? (YES/NO).  If YES, please take close-up photos of the damage.

Q4. Is the front of the display flush with the front of the shelf? (YES/NO)

Q5. (Reference Photo C) Is the display secured to the shelf in at least three locations? (YES/NO)

Q6.  Is the price flag (tag) inserted in the acrylic holder?  (YES/NO)

Q7.  Is the MOD sign inserted in the shelf sign rail shelf?  (YES/NO)

Q8.  Is the backer graphic secured to the display?  (YES/NO)

Q9. Step back a few feet and take a photo of the entire display with the inventory showing below. (Use Reference Photo A as the photo standard)

Q10.  If no display is present, take a photo of the soundbar section


Double check your answers to make sure they are accurate and make sure all required photos are uploaded correctly and are of the correct item/section of the display. Once the survey is complete, submit your work.


Your report will be excluded and no payment issued when:

  • Incorrect or unclear photos are provided.
  • You do not complete your audit within 24 hours of being assigned

Reference Photos:

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