If you're an experienced mystery shopper, you probably have accounts with SASSIE mystery shopping companies.  Presto lets you connect to these accounts so that you can quickly see your SASSIE profile, shop log, job board and applications from your Presto profile - without logging on to your SASSIE account!

To connect a SASSIE account, go to your Presto profile from the Presto map or the Presto Insta-Shopper app:

In your profile, scroll down to My Connections and type the name of the SASSIE system in the box:

If you're not currently logged in to that SASSIE system, you'll see this message.  

Click the link to open a login popup.  Enter your email address and password on that SASSIE system and click Go:

Presto makes the connection.  You can now use the Jump to links to access your SASSIE shop log, profile, job board and applications without logging on.