This assignment is for fast food Lunch/Dinner PM drive-thru menu board price capture. The client needs to know their competitor’s menu prices for all Lunch/Dinner menu items. 


We must be able to read every price on the menu board. Even one missing or unreadable price will invalidate your shop! This is why it is essential to take extra pictures (you can upload up to 10 photos).

What you must do:

  • Complete the shop form at the location! You must verify that you are at thecorrect location to unlock the shop form.
  • Take at least four different photos of the Lunch/Dinner drive-thru menu board at the assigned location. One of these pictures must be of the entire menu board.
  • Photos must be in high resolution!
  • Make sure all menu board items/prices are present in your pictures and can be read clearly before leaving the location.
  • If menu board has multiple panels, take a close-up photo of each panel.
  • Include pictures of any signs attached to the menu board that contain a price.
  • If part of the menu board is blocked by foliage or the speaker box, take several photos from different angles to capture the names/prices obscured in your other photos.
  • If there is rain, glare, fog, or a haze on the menu board, take close-up pictures of each menu panel to ensure each price is readable.
  • Double-check your work! Make sure prices are not cut off or out of focus. If you cannot see all the prices or read them clearly, then neither can we! Your shop cannot be accepted with missing or unreadable prices. If this happens, you will have to return to take new pictures or you will not be paid.


You many need to exit your car to take clear, readable pictures of the menu board.

Roll down your window or exit the car before taking pictures!

Do not use zoom! If you’re too far away to take clear pictures, then move closer!

Lunch/Dinner menu-board photos can be taken from 12 PM to store closing and must show lunch/dinner menu items.

Once claimed, you have 12 hours to complete the assignment.

Unclear photos will cause your assignment to be REJECTED


Below are examples of ACCEPTED vs REJECTED photos:

REMEMBER: The key is to use High Res settings on your camera. The goal is for us to READ the sign. If we can't read it, we can't approve—and we WANT to approve your work!


Great! WHOLE menu board, HIGH RES photo

Great! HIGH RES photo—even though it is not of entire menu board, so long as other segments of the menu board are submitted, the shop is acceptable.

If you have any questions, please contact the Project Manager.

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