How are Insta-Shops different than other mystery shops?

Modified on Tue, 14 May 2019 at 12:33 PM

If you've used other mystery shopping systems, be warned: PRESTO IS DIFFERENT!  These differences are designed to make things easier for the shopper (short mobile-friendly surveys, shops on a map, instant self-assignment, faster payment)...but if you're new to Presto, please read carefully to make sure you understand how Presto works.

Attention SASSIE shoppers: Presto is not SASSIE!  

Here are some important differences:

  • ALL Presto Insta-Shops are self-assigned.  In Presto-speak, this is called "claiming" a shop, and it's how all shops are assigned.  If you claim a Presto shop, you will not hear from a scheduler telling you that you've got the shop -- it's already assigned, so go do the shop!  
  • Presto Insta-Shops have a time limit, not a due date.  Every shop's time limit is displayed in the shop guidelines, and as soon as you claim the shop, the timer starts running.  Extensions can not be granted for Insta-Shops, so be careful about claiming shops from home to do later. Before claiming a shop, make sure you can get to the shop location and complete the shop before the time limit expires.
  • You will NOT see your Presto Insta-Shops on your SASSIE shop log.  Presto has its own shop log that lists both incomplete shops and completed shops.  
  • Many Presto Insta-Shops do NOT allow you to fill out the report later at home.  Some Presto shops require you to be near the shop location to unlock the survey -- if you claim the shop at home, then go perform the shop, and return home to fill out your report, you won't be able to complete the survey.  
  • Some Presto Insta-Shops require you to use an Android (4.1 or later) or iOS (8 or later) smartphone.  This requirement is stated in the shop guidelines.  If you do not have one of these devices, do not claim the shop.  

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