How do I enter my W9 information?

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To enter your W9 information, click on the menu icon at the upper left hand corner of the Presto map and select My Profile.

You are asked to confirm your password before proceeding to the W9 page.  This is to protect your privacy.  Enter your password and click Submit to proceed.

I forgot my password

Fill out the form with your tax information and click Continue.

If you have questions about how to fill out this form correctly, see Page 3 (Specific Instructions) of the IRS Form W-9 

On the signature page, check the checkbox next to the declaration.  Use your touchscreen device or mouse to sign the form and click Finish.

If you want to reenter your signature, click Clear 

If you want to review or make corrections to your W9 information, click Back

On the next page, you see a message indicating that your form has been submitted:

After a brief time, this message is replaced by a message indicating the status of your W9 form.  In most cases, this is a success message.  I f you receive a success message, you can click the menu icon to return to the map.

If there is an issue with your address, you see an error message like this:

Click View Form to check your form for any address errors,.  The most common issues are:

  • There is a typo in the address.
  • You entered your zip code as a Zip+4 code.  Only five-digit zip codes are accepted.
  • The city name that you entered is not a recognized spelling.  Make sure to fully spell out all words in the city name (for example, enter "Saint Louis" instead of "St. Louis" and "West Springfield" instead of "W Springfield".
  • The city name that you entered is not recognized for that zip code.

If there is another issue with your form, you see an error message like this:

If you encounter this message, our support team will be in contact to resolve the issue.  

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