Can I do Insta-Shops if I don't have a smartphone?

Modified on Mon, 30 Sep 2019 at 09:44 AM

Some shops require that you use an Android (4.1 or later) or iOS (9 or later) smartphone with a mobile data plan.  If a shop requires a smartphone, you will see this in the shop guidelines when you go to claim the shop.  If you do not have a supported Android or iOS smartphone, do not claim these shops.  You will most likely not be able to complete the shop successfully, and you will not be paid.

Why do I need a smartphone?

  1. Many shops can only be claimed (self-assigned) if you are near the shop location, based on your device's location services.  If you have a non-mobile device that relies on a wifi connection, you may not be able to get a connection at the shop location, and even if you do, the location is likely to be inaccurate.  If your device cannot obtain an accurate location that is at or near the shop location, you will be unable to claim the shop.  
  2. Many shops require you to upload a photo.  You can use another device or camera to take the photo, but you must be able to upload it with the same device that you use to complete  the survey.Some older web browsers and devices do not have the capabilities to store survey information, and so cannot be used for Presto Insta-Shops.

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