How can I find Insta-Shops near me?

Modified on Mon, 23 May, 2016 at 5:11 PM

Finding Presto Insta-Shops is super easy! To find a shop near you, open the Presto Insta-Shopper app, or use your mobile device's web browser to go to

If you're shopping for a particular program, the mystery shopping company may send you a private link to use instead. Otherwise, use to find all shops that are on the public map.

When you're asked to share your location, click Allow (this looks slightly different on different devices and browsers). You will see a map centered around your current location, and showing Presto Insta-Shops (blue pins) and SASSIE shops (orange pins):

If you want to search for shops in a different location, tap the search icon, enter the new location and tap the search icon again.


Click on a blue Presto Insta-Shop pin to learn more about the shop.  You can preview the survey, see the shop guidelines, and see how much time you'll have to complete the shop.

Heads up, shoppers!  If a Presto Insta-Shop requires a purchase or other expenditure, that amount is included in the shop fee.  There is NO additional reimbursement with Presto Insta-Shops.For more information, see our knowledge base topic on finding shops with the Presto map.  

All Presto Insta-Shops are self-assigned -- to assign yourself the shop, just click the Claim button.  You must check the checkboxes indicating that you've read the shop guidelines and (if the shop calls for it) that you will complete the shop on an Android or iOS mobile device.  You may also be required to verify your location.  

Warning, danger, etc.: Insta-Shops have time limits, not due dates!  As soon as you claim the shop, the timer starts running.  DON'T claim a shop unless you're sure you can get to the shop location, complete the shop and submit the survey within the time limit.  

To see what it's like to do a Presto Insta-Shop in detail (all the way to submitting the survey and viewing your completed Insta-Shops, check out our Guided Tour of an Insta-Shop

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