How can I get notified of new Insta-Shops in my area?

Modified on Fri, 9 Feb, 2018 at 2:07 PM

Presto can send you daily shop emails of shops in your area.   All notifications are based on hotspots that you set up in places where you're interested in shopping.  To set up a hotspot:

  1. Open the Presto Insta-Shopper app (or go to using a mobile browser) and go to the location for which you want to receive shop notifications.
  2. Click the flame icon to create a hotspot at your current location:

  3. In the Hotspot popup, click the plus sign next to the address to create a hotspot at this location.  If you don't want a hotspot here, click the check mark to close the popup:

    Setting up a hotspot means that you will now receive a daily Presto shop email anytime there are shops near your hotspot.  You can set up multiple hotspots.  You can also limit the notifications you get based on pay, distance or both.

  4. To edit or delete an existing hotspot, click Edit Hot Spots:

  5. To limit the shops that a hotspot sends you based on pay and/or distance, click the pencil icon next to the hotspot:

  6. Enter the distance and unit (default miles) or the minimum pay for the filter and click OK.

    Each hotspot can have its own filters (by distance, pay or both).  Adding a filter to a hotspot means that your Presto daily shop email will only contain shops within the specified distance of that hotspot and/or paying at least the specified minimum pay.

  7. Click Done Editing to close the popup.

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