If you see a lot of Presto pins, and suddenly they're all gone, there are a couple of possible explanations:

  1. The program may be over.  Many programs have end dates, and a program can also be manually stopped at any time.
  2. All the shops may have been claimed.  

But wait -- how can all the shops have been claimed if you just saw a hundred pins on the map???

Here's the answer: just because you see a hundred pins, doesn't mean there are a hundred SHOPS!  In Presto, a client can have a program for 50 total shops, but they have a hundred different locations.  They don't care which locations get shopped, and just to make things more complicated, let's say they don't even care if the same location gets shopped more than once, as long as they get their 50 shops.  So here's what happens:

  1. The program goes live, with 50 shops to do, and you see 100 map pins, because shops are available at 100 locations.
  2. The first shop gets claimed...and you still see 100 map pins!  Why? Because there are still 49 shops, any of which can be claimed at any of 100 locations!
  3. The second shop gets claimed...and you still  see 100 map pins!

    the details of shops 3, 4, 5, etc. through 48 are left as an exercise to those who really like singing "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall")

  4. The 49th shop gets claimed..and you still see 100 map pins!
  5. The 50th shop gets claimed...and all the pins disappear from the map.  BOOM!

But I saw the pins COME BACK!  What's up with that?

Map pins can reappear if all shops are claimed, but then some shops are not completed in the allotted time.  Remember, it only takes one shop to do this!  If one shopper fails to complete their shop on time...we're right back at step 4, with 49 claimed shops and one shop available -- at any of 100 locations.