Tango and Amazon gift card rewards are sent via email, from noreply@tangocard.com, and a subject line of "Your Presto reward is here!"   If you have chosen Tango or Amazon gift card as your Presto payment method, please make sure that you can receive email from tangocard.com.  If you believe that you have not received a payment that was due to you:
  1. Check your shop log to make sure that payment was issued for the shop (and that the payment method was Tango or Amazon, not PayPal).  
  2. Check your junk folder to make sure that you have not already received the reward email.
  3. Contact Tango Support by phone at 1-877-55-TANGO (82646) between 8AM - 6PM (PST), Monday through Friday ( send email to cs@tangocard.com). Provide them with the email address that you used to do the shop, and the date of the payment (from your shop log, above).  
Tango Support will resend the reward email to the email address where it was originally sent.