All Insta-Shops have a time limit which is stated in the shop guidelines and displayed when you preview or claim the shop.  The timer starts running when you claim the shop -- so, for example, if a shop has a one hour time limit, the one-hour timer starts running as soon as you claim it, and you must perform the shop and complete and submit the survey within one hour.  

Shops that you claim and do not complete can count against you as a shopper!  This includes situations where: 

  • You didn't intend to claim it (but you clicked the Claim button anyway)
  • You realized afterwards that you won't be able to get to the location and complete the shop within the assigned time
  • You didn't account for the location's hours of operation
  • You decided afterwards that you just don't want to do the shop
  • ...or ANY OTHER REASON that you fail to complete the shop

If you have claimed a shop that you know you can't complete, you can help us (and your reliability rating) by manually abandoning the shop.