We've heard of scam emails being sent to shoppers with a Presto logo on them.  We can't stop scammers from stealing a copy of our logo and putting it on their email scam, but we can help you spot the scams.  

Think you've been scammed?  Forward the email to our support helpdesk at support@prestomobilesurveys.com and we'll check it out!

Below is an example of a scam email that was sent to us, and some notes on how you can spot the scam:

  1. Who's it from?  Not from us!  Presto emails always come from a prestomobilesurveys.com address.
    Note: it IS possible to "spoof" the sender email address so that it appears to be different than the real sender.  If you ever get an email that seems to be from a real Presto address, you can check the email's full headers to find out who the real sender is.
  2. What's the subject? Our shop emails have a subject starting with "Daily Presto Shop Listings".
  3. What are the contents? Our emails start with an explanation of hotspots (the locations where you get notifications for) followed by Insta-Shops listings and then SASSIE shop listings.  They don't talk about being assigned (we don't do that in Presto), pay, or shop description (which are different for every shop), and they NEVER ask you to reply to the email with personal information.
  4. What's the company name?  Someone wasn't trying very hard to cover their tracks here!  

Here's what a REAL Presto Insta-Shops email looks like!

  1. Correct sender email
  2. Correct subject
  3. Correct content

...and oh yeah, a picture of a happy otter on the top!