If you're unable to get a location at all, this is caused by one of the following:

  • Location services are disabled on your phone.  Click here to learn how to enable location services on your phone.  Please note that for iOS devices, you must enable location services on the device AND for the app you are using -- the Insta-Shopper app or web browser -- and that for Android devices, you should select High Accuracy mode if at all possible.  
  • Your device is unable to obtain a location even though you have location services enabled.  There are three ways that mobile devices can get a location fix: by using the device's GPS, by cell tower triangulation, and by IP address location.  Without getting into too much detail, there are things that can go wrong with each of these methods. GPS can fail if your line of sight to the GPS satellites is blocked (for example, by a natural feature like a mountain, or even a building).  Cell tower triangulation requires that at least one cell tower be clearly "visible" to your mobile device (and, of course, you must have a data plan and mobile data enabled to make this work).  IP address location requires a connection to the internet, which can be via mobile data or via wifi; however, many public wifi access points may appear to be connected but may require you to log in before you can actually send or receive data.  If your device cannot obtain a location, Presto cannot check you in.
  • Your device is unable to communicate with our servers.  Once your device has a location fix, it must communicate with the Presto servers to check in.  If you do not have a working mobile data or wifi connection, you will be unable to check in.  

Even if you can get a location, you may not be able to check in if the location your device obtains is too far from the shop location.  Some shops require you to be quite close to the location and will not let you check in otherwise.  If you are at the shop location (and the map pin for the location is also in the correct place) and Presto thinks you're too far, try disabling wifi to force Presto to use a more accurate location method.  

What do I do if the Presto map pin is in the wrong place?